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And You Wonder Why I Drink ...

Yesterday was the day from hell and I think I lost many sanity. I did not have 10 minutes to even write my blog, but I am back!!

This whole blog is a one day at a time thing. I really need to take web design class, but who has time. I think I finally got a comment section at the bottom of my home page. I also took care of the mobile site viewing that was driving my son crazy. Who knew he was addicted to my site and viewed on his mobile ... Hi Jake. I have no idea how to add comments to the other pages so that will just have to wait because I am old, tech challenged and too busy drinking.

You will notice my fashion section has not been updated. Fear not because it is not from a lack of shopping. Brad refuses to be my blog photographer. I tried to convince him how fun it would be, just like selfies, but he was not buying my malarkey and so for now he will remain my chef and chauffeur. I am trying to rope my daughter into being my blog photographer; however, I will have to work around her schedule. I did get to post a pair of really cute white mules. How do these fashion bloggers have the time or effort to take all of those pictures. Just thinking about putting together outfits and getting in and out of clothes while trying to look effortless as if I always walk in the garden with a lavender coat or a block sweater in 100 degrees makes me want to drink ... and drink lots.

I mentioned in one of my blogs that I started a weight loss journey in 2015 and then late 2016 decided it would be fun to gain all that weight back. For some reason I thought it would be a learning experience to to compare my 2015 weight journey to my 2015 pictures on FB. I started from the first day of my January 2015 journey. At first it was interesting to see how my body responded as I lost weight seeing a difference at each 10# mark. Although I was only at my halfway goal weight in July 2016, I saw a remarkable transformation. I sat at my desk smiling at the progress I had made and how much better I looked, reminiscing how I could walk up steps without a respirator and the ability to wear cute clothes. THEN it dawned on me I had to start all over again because I gained everything back except 4# - WTF. What was I thinking!!!! I did learn something - never do that shit again.

Lastly, the FEDEX man delivered two boxes of goodies to me which I promise to post once Mag makes times to photograph. I noticed he had a baseball stitch tattoo on his arm. We got into a discussion of baseball and how he lost a finger which I didn't even notice. That discussion is for a later blog. I told him the Red Sox and Pirates are my favorite teams. In an effort to impress this fine young man, I told him that I went to the ballpark and watched Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens while I lived in Boston. He backed up a little and his eyes got big and he said ... OMG that was a long time ago you must be pretty old. YEP he said that. That is almost as bad as when I went to Walgreens for a passport picture and I broke the camera ... true story. The young man took my picture and he said I am sorry mam, but for some reason the camera broke taking your picture, I guess you broke the camera with your face.

There is not enough gin in this world ....

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