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OMG Not the Buffet

Starting in May with graduation parties till the end of summer when parties and weddings start to slow down, it is BUFFET time. Those darn Swedes who invented buffets are responsible for my buffet glutony!

These are the strategies when there is a buffet -

Face away from buffet ... WHAT? I need to know what food is available at all times. Plus sometimes I see someone eating something that looks much better than seeing it on the table. Strategic seating for me is pulling a chair up to the buffet. A 5 star event is having the buffet and bar side by side.

Start with soup and/or salad - Ya I am right on that as long as there is potato salad, macaroni salad, antipasto salad ...

Fill up on veggies - Only if they come with yummy dip or covered in butter

Go for Protein - Thankfully something I can get on board with - load me up on the salami, prosciutto and fried chicken

Avoid anything creamy or fried - This is just crazy talk because the reason I go to a party is for the food Brad does not allow me to eat at home. NEXT

Make yourself a fresh fruit plate for dessert - I am too busy laughing to type

Drink lots of water - I am assuming they mean after every 4 cocktails

I can actually feel my fat cells jumping with glee when they see so much yummy food on display for my enjoyment. I tell myself to move away from the buffet, but for some reason my feet say to stay. I think it may actually be my caboose that keeps my feet planted. There is scientific proof that reaction to pain is significantly reduced when eating tasty foods. Sometimes it is painful to have to talk to some people at parties; therefore, the buffet is kind of like an aspirin to take away that pain.

We have a party Saturday night so a buffet update on Monday!

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