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Going to the Chapel

It is that time of year - There are certain times in your life when wedding invitations load your mailbox and that is when you graduate high school/college and when your children graduate high school/college. I realized in my staff meeting today that Brad and I are at the gift registry part of our life and I could not be happier.

I embrace every thing about a wedding. I remember when I was a little girl and weddings were held at the Sons of Italy Club, Fire Hall and other types of social clubs. There would be banquet tables with food and of course the cookie table all made by the Italian, Polish, Syrian mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and pretty much any female relative who could bake or cook. The wedding cake with all the figurines and as little children we would stand next to the cake staring until someone could not help themselves but to swipe at the icing ...I am not naming names. I was the champion bouquet catcher. A title I proudly held for many weddings. There may have been some black eyes and skinned knees on some of the single ladies who stood next to me. Best of all the bar was stocked and you even got a shot when you went thru a receiving line (I have a picture to prove it). Everyone danced on the floor and knowing how to polka was a necessity. Who can forget the dollar dance - this is not a reference to a stripper, but that is a thought if someone is looking for unique wedding entertainment, this was the money dance. The guest paid a dollar (high rollers paid $5) to dance with the bride or groom. The men danced with the bride and the ladies danced with the groom. Although the ladies would crossover to the bride to impart some marriage secrets, but never saw the men dance with the groom.

Weddings have changed. The cookie tables are still in and around Pittsburgh, PA, but I have not seen a dollar dance and polka well some people think I am talking about a polka dot.

The things I love about weddings:

* Beautiful card stock for invitations

* Bride's dress - I rarely look at the grooms attire and he could be naked for all I know. Actually that would be awesome if he was.

* Flowers - love flowers and the use of them

* Food - most important!!

* Bar - a well stocked bar whether it is cash or open - for the record the first time I heard of a cash bar was when I moved to Boston (those Bostonians are thrifty people). Do not get me wrong, I will still attend if you have beer & wine because that works too.

* Music - there is nothing like a good band, but DJs work too.

* Venue - It doesn't have to be fancy (remember I grew up going to weddings at social clubs) it just needs to suit the couple and their theme.

* Brief Toast - I am not sure when it became fashionable for everyone to give a toast, but I like the old school brevity toast by the best man and maybe the best lady because that gets me to the party faster.

* Being invited - Brad thinks I am actively looking for weddings to attend ~

A wedding was the reason for the start of my blog so it is only fitting that I blog about a wedding. I want you to know they made much sturdier folding chairs back in the day as well. My motto for my children's weddings will be Drink and Be Awesome and I will probably dance on a table or two.

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