My Obsession with Food

We celebrated Brad's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants in Boulder. I have to tell you that I get so excited when we are going somewhere fancy because it feels so exciting, delicious, civilized and well fancy.

I study the food and cocktail menu online for days and I dream about what I will be eating. I am absolutely consumed with what is going to be my next meal as if I live in a third world country or walking death row. My administrator who is young, thin and fit told me she loves food, but does not think about food and well she is just not hungry. We all know that is crazy talk. I am guessing people who do not obsess about their next meal are mindful eaters and occupy their mind with other thoughts like exercise. BUT NOT ME because after I eat breakfast, I am thinking about lunch, after I eat lunch, I think about dinner and after I eat dinner THEN repeat. That is a lot of mental exercising!

Besides the need to be mindful while eating, I also cannot convince myself that a celery stick is so much yummier than a brownie. Can't do it and I am not going to do it. When I am with someone who tells me that they just crave apples and not croissants, I know they are total liars and I so badly want to smack them silly. I had a healthy power bowl at 360 calories for lunch today. It was like eating pebbles and cardboard.

Portion size - do not even get me started. Why can't we all just eat a whole pie and be happy? There are those people who just ask for a sliver and then halfway into their sliver they are stuffed. I am not buying it, nope. You see I have gone dumpster diving to recover food that I threw away in an attempt to keep me from eating the whole thing. I said it, I did it and it is out in the open.

Food is my best friend and I think we may need to take a break from each other. It is time for me to give some attention to the nerdy foods and start hanging out with quinoa and freekeh because I can guarantee you portion control and dumpster diving will not be a problem.