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Won't You Be My Neighbor

When it is all said and done, good friends are what life is all about.

I am always amazed that I continue to learn. Seriously I am 57 years old and I keep thinking I know it all or at least I let everyone know that I think I know it all (I guess that makes me a know-it-all). I realized I am wound tighter than my bra and I need to relax and enjoy what today has to offer and take advantage of my blessings. Spending time with friends this weekend was a reminder we are all on a journey of learning and new experiences.

Friends had us over for an Al fresco dinner Friday night and it was majestic. The night was comfortable, relaxing and effortless. I loved hearing their plans to enjoy life with no fear. I have no idea where they were hiding the mosquitos, but not one bite as we sat in their backyard. I was thrilled to know steak was on the menu, since my man cannot grill steak. That man can put together a scrumptious meal with nothing, but he cannot grill a steak. For the record, I am the salad spinner and always on point. To round out the meal, we had a caesar and peach salad with watermelon. An overall YUM - food and company!

Our neighbors across the street put their house on the market and I am not sure whether to be sad or mad and maybe a bit of both. We are like family and the plan was for both families to move at the same time. It was such an easy friendship where we would saunter to each other's home and they embraced my crazy. Getting new neighbors can be very scary. Will they like us and will we like them ... more importantly, will I like them and do they like to drink and play tennis???

The open house was Saturday so after Brad went on his 50 mile bike ride with our friend Ellen and I finished up tennis drills in the scorching heat, we met in our garage to set up our lawn chairs, drink Coors Light and watch the parade! Our new neighbors will need to be good with how we operate and what better way than to set the tone. It was also a productive way for us to determine who would be a good fit. Best of all we got to talk with our existing neighbors who participated in the open house. One of the neighbors threw us under the bus and told our friends who are moving that we were behaving like hillbillies. I am going to toilet paper the tattle-teller's house as soon as I can lose enough weight that enables me to run away without being caught.

We spent Sunday morning moving our daughter to a new apartment. Moving out and not in is Brad and my motto with our children. When we were done, Brad had the nerve to say we need to get some exercise - WTF???? That was my exercise. What is wrong with him? Thankfully it started to rain which is a welcome relief in Colorado and foiled Brad's plan for us to hike, bike ride, walk or whatever much unwanted activity his cruel mind was thinking up. I suggested we practice our arm curls by lifting cocktails. That is a total legit exercise.

I will miss Ron and Denise tremendously. Just thinking about them moving makes me cry.

Spending Sunday night listening to the rain and enjoying the breeze, I was thinking about our friendships and the diversity and knowledge friends provide. I need to slow down and soak it all in and enjoy what life has to offer. I am also thinking of buying a bra that is not so constricting.

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