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We all know commitment is being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.; however, it is a funny word which I think we do not always take seriously. There seems to be degrees of commitment so even if someone commits, they may relegate that commitment as a lesser dedication than something else.

I have friends who will not commit while others commit to everything. Commitment like everything else in life takes mindfulness. When I lose my mind and sometimes it happens more often than not, life is actually so much easier. They key word in the definition is dedication.

I am a pretty good committer - I commit to ringing my children's necks, I commit to driving Brad crazy, I commit to going from zero to ghetto and I commit to losing all my tennis matches. Well you get the point.

If I am going to commit to a healthy lifestyle, I need to make sure that I am going to dedicate and be willing and honest with myself in making changes that will prevent health problems as well as being a more authentic person.

PS: I am going to commit to having a cocktail tonight - I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I will be back with my weekend stories on Monday.

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