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Blog ????

I was very busy shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but my attention is totally on all of you. During this week, I have been asked questions that I will try and answer:

1. Do you feeling pressure? Not really or at least not pressure to post, but maybe a little pressure to lose weight; however, that is one of the reasons I did this blog. For the record I probably will not post on weekends. I know you all will be sad and will miss me, but just think how funny Monday will be.

2. I must be in a lot of pain? The only real pain I have is my feet and hips. My soul is relatively pain free -

3. Was I scared to do a blog? Hell ya - I was putting my pain free soul out there. I am looking for guests bloggers ... anyone?

4. What has been frustrating? The webpage - I am not tech savvy and WIX is not helpful, but I think I have most of the kinks worked out for now. I also have to deal with my grumpy husband. I made him take blog photos last night and he acted as if I asked him to take a selfie. I am going to ply him with alcohol next time.

5. How do you come up with what to write? My family are my muse as always. I usually look at the humor in most things. I have always replayed events in my head at night and commuting into work. Now I take all the crazy in my head and write it down.

6. Why are you doing this blog and why now? The broken chair - I need accountability - I wanted to stop the self-deprivation and do something about my weight. Plus I could buy so much more at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale if I was a regular size.

7. Do you exercise? Not if I can help it. Exercise to me is lifting a fork and a cocktail ... and there would be the problem.

8. Have you given up anything? I may be giving up my pain free soul by limiting my carbs because that is the easiest ... oh wait, not alcohol carbs, food carbs. Mostly I am reducing my portions and being extremely mindful of what I put in my mouth. It is a lot of effort!!! I do not know about you, but celery is not a substitute for brownies.

9. Do you have cravings? I crave for my family to listen to everything I say and for my husband to do the silly things I ask.

10. Do you go out to eat? Restaurants are evil. It is like taking a child to the candy store and telling them they are allowed a pack of sugar free gum.

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