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The Heat is On

OMG I have no idea the temps around the world, but I know it was flipping hot in Colorado!! Mother Nature is really good at reminding you of your life status. I had a tennis match at Devil's Thumb which is a very fancy neighborhood last night. As we got out of our cars, my partner, Kristin, let me know her car says it is 102 degrees outside. WTF. No one must have told our opponents because they had been out for for 30 minutes warming up as if it was 70 degrees outside in their tiny tennis skirts. The courts were smack next to community swimming pool which was tortuous since I could hear people splashing in the cool water and clicking their drinks. All I wanted was a fucking tequila snow cone!!!!

Kristin was on her own for this match. I could barely raise my arm to serve which I blame the pro who made me practice lifting my arm at Saturday drills. Seriously our opponents were bouncing around as if the heat was fueling their game. The entire time I was praying to whomever would listen that one of our opponents would have an injury to end this nightmare. Nothing serious ... maybe a pulled ligament or a small strain. But these ladies did not even have a drip of sweat, but they kept saying to us, Oh the heat. It did not help they hooked my partner's serve which made me want to hit them over the head with my racket if I could have lifted my racket.

During the change overs, I told Kristin I was getting too old for this and obviously I need to work on my fitness. There is no way I will be able to play at the US Open in the condition.

Although I am very proud of myself for losing four pounds, last night was a reminder I have a ways to go and I will need to start working on my fitness so I am not Skinny Fat - it never ends.

PS: I know there was a problem with my post yesterday and a comment box. I contacted WIX and they started telling me about dynamic pages and all other kind of techie nonsense. I just type and publish. I think we have it fixed.

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