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Perception vs Reality

Reality is the raw picture of a situation. Perception is the way in which we analyze and interpret the situation. Although the reality is same, the perception differs from person to person. Perception is largely based on an individual's outlook and the prior knowledge possessed by a person on that situation.

I had a great morning playing tennis in 90 degree heat. I was noticing how the women with less caboose were able to set up their shots. The pro kept reminding me to keep my elbow up when hitting my forehand ... if only he knew the effort it took to keep that arm up when I go to hit plus I was concerned this move would hamper my ability to lift a cocktail - after all, that is a lot of arm to lift. At the end of drills I was feeling like an athlete and was excited I got my exercise in for the day so I deserved a pedicure and off I went.

I go the same Korean nail salon for 10 years. The man told me to take chair 3. I sat in chair 3 waiting for my technician to do her handiwork when all of a sudden there is a commotion between the three technicians and this is one of those times I wish I took Korean in college. My technician was confused and rolling her eyes at the man yelling in Korean, Finally the female technician working with chair 2 client said to me "Would you mind moving to chair 7 because that is a bigger chair". Then she qualified her statement with big chairs for your long legs and at that moment I was banished to chair 7 which was an old chair falling apart with no one sitting in chair 5 & 6. You know what makes me mad is that I shaved my legs for this! Normally I would say, "No I would prefer to keep my fat ass in chair 3, but I was caught off guard with the women sitting in Chair 1,2,4 and the manicure tables. I wondered if someone from the 4th of July wedding clued in the nail salon that I am a chair breaker. So I got my stuff and moved to chair 7 being reminded big girls need big equipment. As I sat in chair 7 I was wondering why there was an awful smell ... a sweaty smell ... until I smelled myself.

My perception at the moment was being reprimanded for being big when most likely the reality was I stunk. As I type this I wonder which is worse????

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