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From the Beginning

I just do not get it - Pictures do not reflect the person I see in the mirror. Seriously what is up with that? Do you think Gisele Bündchen (Kendall Jenner for the young readers) has this problem? I am completely delusional about my size and appearance. I honestly think a beautiful leather purse or blonde, straight hair will present me as a svelte person. All it took was me breaking a chair at a wedding and then someone taking a picture of me to realize I need to come back to reality. I am not looking at being a skinny minny - because what would I do with all the excess skin - keeping it real. My goal is to be a solid size 16. I mean at my age a full face and curvy figure equals young. You know you have a friend who is really thin and the entire time you are thinking, " I may be fat, but I look younger". Kind of the same thing with grey hair. I am not a hater and do not hate me, but grey hair is not the way to turn back the clock.

I am totally blaming my family for me being skinny challenged. If my mom was not such a fantastic Italian cook, I would not have to worry about the calories. If I did not have children, I would have stayed status quo on the scale. If my children did everything I told them, I would not be writing this post. If my husband did not insist I exercise and eat healthy, I would not spend time doing the exact opposite just because. So I start my journey ...

This my friends is what is driving me to make a change

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