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2 Months of Isolation and What I Have Learned

March 13th was my birthday and the end of socializing as I knew it. Was I going to embrace this period of reflection or was a mental institution in my near future? Well, this is what I have learned about myself.

It has been a window into retirement life. Brad and I struggled to share our home, which has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a family room, and a gym in the basement. Apparently, there are never enough rooms to hide from your spouse. Brad chases me from room to room, and I am not talking Playboy magazine chasing. He reminds me that I took his tie fly room for my office, which I guess equates to him getting the remaining 7 rooms.

I am also reassessing the retirement budget. Since I was paying my house cleaners not to clean my house, the duty fell squarely in my hands. Let's just say that line item will be making it back into the retirement budget.

I missed my children, but they did not miss me trying to run their life. They embraced the COVID ban we placed on them.

Trying to lose weight and limit alcohol was just a silly school girl's dream.

Restaurant closings had zero impact on my life since Brad made me tasty dishes daily. Hmmm, maybe I should not be so hard on his room squatting.

Those who know me or follow my blog, know that Brad does all the grocery shopping. Brad thought we needed a date, so he took me grocery shopping two weeks ago. I am not sure if he was trying to kill me or torture me. There were so many rules like do not touch unless you commit to buy and so many people. We came home to disinfect groceries and ourselves. That was the last trip to the grocery store for me. OK, maybe chasing me from room to room is not so bad.

Would work meetings change? Would we facilitate zoom meetings and conduct fewer meetings? A girl can dream. There have been more meetings and less facilitation if that was possible.

I miss my hair stylist almost more than my cleaning ladies. It is near impossible for me to have my blonde locks hanging freely since my blonde is more ombre. A man bun is your friend, I tell myself. Then I found fake hair ties WHAT you ask. Yep, fake hair ties with a little lipstick have been my savior for zoom meetings.

Brad and I are either deeply in love or drafting divorce papers - pick a day.

I truly work harder at home than I did at the office, and I am in the process of building my remote work slipper collection. Work has kept my sanity or what was left of it. Remote working has been instrumental in keeping me busy and my focus off of the virus and stay at home orders. I have found solace being at home alone and with Brad. I miss my kids, small group gatherings, and weekend trips. Still, Brad and I have re-evaluated our lives, and we are OK with living with less and taking advantage of what life has to offer as long as I have my fake hair ties, slippers, and alcohol, I am ready to conquer the world.

Please stay safe ~

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