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Steakhouse 316

1922 13th St Boulder

Thumbs Up 

We went back to celebrate our daughter's golden birthday - 25 on the 25th and what better way than to empty our bank account.

Service from the hostess to sommelier is spot on. Kudos Steakhouse 316

The steaks were perfection - beautiful cuts, well seasoned and cooked as requested. You know when you got to a steakhouse, you will pay for everything and I mean everything - ok they did bring bread to the table at NC. The bread and butter were OK. We ordered the Tomato & Onion and the simple salad. They were bountiful and delish. Always a good sign when the salads are good and dressed properly. I do like they hold onto the old-style steakhouse traditions such as the tableside Caesar. There were 5 of us and we shared the Branding Iron Onion Rings and YUM. The Prime steaks are seriously worth my firstborn. Filet medium, Tomahawk Rib-Eye med (shared) and Porterhouse rare (shared). We shared Whipped Potatoes (they were ok), Miso Glaze Shishito Pepper, Haricots Verts, Egg (Sauce and egg was the best part - hard to eat), Wild Mushroom Parisian Gnocchi (not so good and would not order again). Although we were all eloquently sufficient, what is a party without dessert? It was a toss-up between chocolate something and bourbon bread pudding. We rolled the dice and picked the bread pudding. unfortunately, I would not order again. There was a lack of flavor and custard consistency.

Bottom line - this place offers you three levels of dining with spectacular food, ambiance, and service. Next time I go for the fine dining:
* Wine (we ordered 2 bottles)
* Onion Rings
* Salad
* Steak
Skip the sides and dessert. I promise you will be full and neither the sides nor the dessert was that fantastic. But definitely go!


724 Canyon Road, Santa Fe NM

Thumbs Down

We were pretty excited to eat at Geronimo based on the restaurant's reputation. The ambiance was ethereal and the service was spectacular.

I had the Mushroom Bisque which was tasty and my husband had the Wagyu Beef Capaccio which was worth the visit. My husband got the Green Miso Sea Bass. The flavors were good, but I did not feel as if the dish was inventive. I have eaten this or something similar in Denver with better flavors. I felt our server was pushing the Veal Chop and, I bit. The veal was so tough that I could not eat it. Our server came to our table and asked about our meal and when I told him about the veal chop, he asked my husband for confirmation. When my husband confirmed the veal chop was tough, the server said something to the effect that is too bad (in a really nice way). When you are paying $60 for an entree, it should be stellar. I told my husband now I understand why they were pushing the chop when they should have taken off the menu. We finished the meal with Fresh Meyer Lemon Crepe which was good.

For me, this restaurant is an old school white table cloth restaurant and I prefer restaurants that are more creative. I am sure if you go, the experience will be luxe; however, not sure the price justifies the experience.

On a side note, I bought the white Geronimo shirt some of the staff (maybe kitchen staff or expeditors) were wearing. The shirt is seriously the bomb - high quality with the word Geronimo across the back. Our son LOVED it. The shirt cost almost as much as my tough veal chop.


1313 E 6th Ave, Denver

Thumbs Down

This review is going to pain me to write ...

Kudos to the staff at Fruition especially Javier! I dig the atmosphere and attentiveness without being annoying.

My husband and I selected the 5 courses  ($150)with the Reserved, Old, Rare wine pairing ($170). I highly recommend not doing the wine pairings. For me, the wines were too forward and very tannic. Frasca does a much better job at wine pairings. I am glad we did the 5 courses since it was our first time at Fruition, but if we ever went back, I would order a la carte.

Since it was my husband's birthday, he got a card and we both were served a complimentary glass of rose - a total class act!

The meal started with an Amuse-bouche (I love saying that word and I love it when the chef sends one to our table).  The gem was the squash blossom that was very tasty and something my husband probably not duplicate at home so they get a star. The wine pairing was Leeuwin Estate 'Art Series' - it was OK, very dry and tasted similar to a Pinot Grigio (I really like Rieslings and especially Alsace).

Our first course was the Tuna Caponata. I really love eggs in any form so this was up my alley. We were off to a good start. The wine pairing was a Chardonnay from Santa Rita Hills and it was good. We have tasted this chardonnay before and prefer it because it is not buttery or oaky.

The second course was Buttermilk-fried Chicken Thigh. This was a very heavy corn base and finger-licking good.  We were getting pretty excited. The wine was Q500 that was super funky. Really reminded me of a beer from Black Project. Stars for something different.

The third course was Diver Scallops and for me, this was not a cohesive dish. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the sausage was delish, but there was one etouffee tortellini that was odd - not good and not bad but did not fit with the dish and then a baby artichoke and I was kind of like why and where did this come from and then CORN again. I was starting to feel like a cow eating all this corn. I would have like a little reduction sauce and maybe scallops with braised leeks and some crunch factor. Although I did not think the sausage made sense, it was very tasty and I was happy to have it on my plate!!! The wine pairing was a Beaujolais and it was so young and tannic. I would have preferred a good cab.

The fourth course was Maple Leaf Farms Duck and the best part of this dish was the cherry. I prefer my duck fat to be rendered with crispy skin. This was not, but the worst part was a fiber that runs vertically through my meat which made it near impossible to cut or eat. I honestly was struggling to cut and at one point holding up the meat to saw through the fiber. A few stares from diners and my husband caused me to put my meat down and push my plate away. I also did not care for the mostarda and I would have welcomed the foi jus if I could have found it. The wine pairing was a Nebbiolo and as much as people try to convince me this is a grape worthy of my lips ... you either need to age it for a very long time or use for a blend.

God Bless Javiar who immediately asked me about the duck. I did not want him to feel bad and maybe it was just me, but being the professional that he is, for our fifth and final course which is the signature lemon meringue pie, Javiar also brought us a cheese tasting. I was beside myself because I love cheese.

I seriously could find no lemon in the signature lemon pie - maybe my taster was off because I cannot believe someone would serve lemon when it does not taste like lemon. The biggest disappointment was the cheese. We could immediately see the brie was too young and had no taste, We could not even eat the parm slice - it was like cardboard in taste and texture. I cannot remember the last cheese, but again tasteless. I am starting to wonder if my palate is so far off because I cannot believe a chef would serve that. We had Moon Hill Dairy cheese at some other restaurants that were spectacular. The wine pairing was a dessert wine which eas lovely.

Would I go back? Probably not
Am I glad I went? Yep

There was some outstanding, balanced food that was creative and plated beautifully. I just wish the meal was

The Plimoth

2335 E 28th Ave Denver

Thumbs Up

Shout out to Mitch our server - extremely knowledgeable, smart, personable and a good guy!

Amazing location tucked into a beautiful and quiet neighborhood.


Portions are large

We ordered:
Chicken liver pate- spectacular... must have

Leeks, Larson, egg - very good; although, I think the leeks would be better jammed

Munk fish - Chef Pete has perfected this dish ... must have

Rabbit - great rabbit technique and tender, but I am a saucy girl and would have liked some reduction over rabbit.


Squash was blah ... whip them babies in butter and spice for gosh sake

Bread Pudding - Holy Moly yummy

If we lived in the neighborhood, we would eat weekly.

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