A journal of my daily struggles and accomplishments whether it is my weight, exercise, motherhood, being a wife and a friend as well as my love of beautiful things, clothes, shoes
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2 Months of Isolation and What I Have Learned

March 13th was my birthday and the end of socializing as I knew it. Was I going to embrace this period of reflection or was a mental institution in my near future? Well, this is what I have learned about myself. It has been a window into retirement life. Brad and I struggled to share our home, which has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a family room, and a gym in the basement. Apparently, there are never enough rooms to hide from your spouse. Brad chases me from room to room, and I am not talking Playboy magazine chasing. He reminds me that I took his tie fly room for my office, which I guess equates to him getting the remaining 7 rooms. I am also reassessing the retirement budget. Sinc


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