A journal of my daily struggles and accomplishments whether it is my weight, exercise, motherhood, being a wife and a friend as well as my love of beautiful things, clothes, shoes
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How to Keep Your Man for 30 Years

1. Make Your Man Feel Important I let Brad know what a fantastic driver he is, and Lil 'ole me cannot read a map. Brad drives while I sleep or read a book. 2. Know Your Man's Moods When Brad has a particularly hard day, I let him make me a cocktail (for his self-esteem), and then I go out with my girlfriends so he can have peace. I am always thinking about Brad and his well being. 3. Encourage Him I am a big believer in giving encouragement and letting Brad know his worth and recognizing his talent. He has been very talented in tiling our bathrooms, renovating the fireplace, landscaping the yard, .etc. Gosh he has so many talents that I can barely come up with projects for his talent. 4. Lea

The Three B's

My life is fulfilled when I have Butter, Bacon, and Bourbon. I am making a somewhat feeble attempt to lose weight. It really is a full-time job for me, and I see no retirement in sight. I am totally into anything with DNA. The more personal information I can get into the internet works for me. Imagine my glee when I saw I could use my DNA to find a gene variant that is the cause for me being overweight because gorging myself on my 3 B's cannot be the reason My family history is loaded with heart disease and diabetes, so doctors and Brad warn me to eat more plant-based foods and limit high-fat foods. Well that is no fun, and I am all about fun. My DNA came back with sensitivities to: * Fatty


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