A journal of my daily struggles and accomplishments whether it is my weight, exercise, motherhood, being a wife and a friend as well as my love of beautiful things, clothes, shoes
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Killing Me Slowly

Most people go on vacation in the lap of luxury, but not my Brad. Instead of a house full of beach towels, we have a house full of bikes. Since I am the DD cyclist, I was tasked dropping off Brad, Jim, and Ellen in Glenwood so they could bike to Aspen. I got a couple hours of rest until I met them at Woody Creek to ride the remainder of the path home. I was promised the ride was 15 miles downhill for an easy and relaxing ride. Never listen to your spouse and best friends. The downhill and slow ride involved stopping at car crossings. Stopping is a clipless newbie worst nightmare so I was relying on Ellen to clear the path for me. We get to a car crossing and Ellen yells clear and I almost be

House Hunting

Since Brad and I are done raising children, we have decided to relocate fast before Mag or Jake move back home for any length of time. So off to Denver we went to check out the housing inventory. We walked into the first home and it was 700sf on the first floor with a 700sf basement that was renovated to feel just like a basement. Although we are madly in love and want something quaint, we still need space to escape from each other. As I walked into the second home, my sandal broke! It just so happen the homeowner was showing her own home since the broker did not show up. I immediately asked her for some tape to fix my sandal. She started to tell me she was a physician so I thought she was g


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