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Work Torture Known as Retreat

Everyone knows the most important part of a retreat or a conference is the food and naturally, a fun sidekick and mine was Jodie who made the day bearable. I got to the retreat super early to scope out the breakfast. It is not a good sign when I am asking Jodie where are the sausage and bacon? They had vege quiches, egg white, spinach bake and goopy punishment known as yogurt. The only saving grace was the mini chocolate muffins and thankfully I was able to stuff two in my mouth while in line. Low and behold who sits down, but the skinny fruit plate (seen in the picture). I stared at the plate and woman in disbelief because a slice of grapefruit as we all know is nothing but a garnish for y

30 Days With Becky

Sorry for the blog MIA, a little thing called a job sometimes gets in the way. Now I have a month to catch up on ~ May was full of graduation parties. For the record, people (when I say people, I am referring to me) come for the cake! So please cut the cake. Graduation parties are not like birthdays or weddings where there is a specified time on the agenda to cut the cake. People are coming and going - it is an open house. What I discovered - when you attend girl parties and you tell the girls to please cut the cake, they go to their moms and say cut the cake. When you attend boy parties and you ask the boys to cut the cake, they tell you to ask his mom. Then his mom needs to think about it


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