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Cartilage Here and Gone Tomorrow

I know you all having been dealing with me whining about my knee and I do not see that ending any time soon. Sorry We usually go to CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center and for those who are not familiar with this place, I am the oldest and by far the most unfit in the waiting room. The place is packed with serious athletes, young people and if someone is my age or older who I swore they just ran a marathon with a torn ACL and with a smile. The doctor confirmed I my knee was bone on bone - arthritis in my knee and sent me on my way. I decided to try another doctor at another clinic. The new waiting room was completely different, I was seriously the youngest person in the waiting room.

Kondo No Go

I admit I am a little late to the game. I had heard of Marie Kondo (KonMari) and her books a few years ago, but I was not on the journey to conquer clutter. I go on the journey when Brad is yelling that our house is going to implode or I run out of closet/draw space. You would be hard pressed to find my house disorganized, but do not open a door, draw or cabinet ... now you have been warned. One of the days I was home sick trying to decide on a Netflix show when I decided to give Tidying Up with Marie Kondo a go. Oh good Lord, she made me so anxious that I had to turn her off. Imagine the time it takes to remove things by categories!! By the time I rounded up like items, I would forget why I

Netflix is Like a Buffet

Being under the weather was the perfect foil for me to lay in jammies, drink, and watch Netflix/Amazon over the holidays, Being a couch potato in Colorado is unheard of. All these healthy and active Colorado people can make your life stressful. No wonder I drink - plus everyone knows alcohol can kill bacteria in 10 seconds plus it keeps you hydrated. Because I am so smart, I have a list of Netflix/Amazon movies and series on my Iphone notes ... and there was just the beginning of my problem. Do I watch Netflix or Amazon? Did I have enough time to watch both? Even properly sedated, I struggled with the choices - Do I watch a documentary and feel pretty smart or do I watch something totally s

I'm Back and Compressed

Holidays are done and so am I. I love Christmas a whole lot, but I was sick most of the holiday so between being sick, parties, me wearing other people's home decor on my head and work there was no blog. No worries because I am back to catch you up .... I am living a compressed life - literally. I wear compression hose, a compression knee brace and spanx. It is no wonder my head is about to explode. Usually I take the week of Christmas as vacation so I can after holiday shop, and basically do all things without Brad. Brad surprised me with taking vacation to be be home with me. Since he was home and I was sick there was no after holiday shopping and no other non-Brad activities. When I told


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