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A Little Dior to Explore

It is always an adventure when I do an activity with my bestie Robin and a trip to the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) is no exception. I feverishly started making a plan. Since Robin was driving, I agreed to pay for parking and pick up her cocktail tab (since she was the driver, the tab would be small ... I am always thinking). I guided Robin to the outdoor parking lot across from the DAM. Who knew there were cash only machines around??? I mean don't we live by plastic nowadays. Lesson learned - bring a wad of dollar bills as if you are going to a strip joint. It seriously took us 5 minutes to read the sign and figure out what we had to do, but unfortunately we did not read the


I was watching President Bush's service today and crying like a baby. It made me think of my parent's funeral with sadness, fondness, hope and humor. While I was watching today thru my tears, I was so stressed thinking the Pallbearers were going to drop the casket. I mean they had to be in unison carrying a heavy casket up and down lots of stairs in military precision. I wonder if they were thinking the same thing. If you have ever attended a military burial, you know how impressive they are. The precision and honor is undeniable. Attending my parent's interment was one of the most special times in my life. Even Brad said the service had incredible meaning and we were all happy we could cele


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