A journal of my daily struggles and accomplishments whether it is my weight, exercise, motherhood, being a wife and a friend as well as my love of beautiful things, clothes, shoes
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Don't ....

The other morning while Brad drove me to work, he gave me a list of don'ts. DO NOT *Pick up his clothes because he is attached to his piles. * Be a fleece toucher ... sometimes I dare to put his fleece back in his closet and then he cannot find it. I know the horror *Touch his paperwork because he likes to keep it wherever he places it and then later forgets where he puts the paperwork and it becomes a family treasure hunt. *Do his laundry till he is ready - I know this seems like a blessing, but I have OCD and laundry issues. *Use a hammer and nails which is probably a good idea. * Make plans for him which ends up meaning do not make plans for me. I snapped his picture as he was lecturing

OMG The Holidays and Kids are Coming

I need all of you to know that I love my children more than anything else on earth, besides Brad. I want my children to come home and stay with us all the time especially during the holidays; even though they only live 17 miles from us. It makes me feel good to have them in the house all snuggled in their beds. Ok we got rid of Jake's twin bed and turned his room into Brad's man cave, but he was upgraded to the queen bed in the guest room ... he is kind of like a guest or at least he thinks he is. The fantasy of a family holiday does not resemble the reality of having 4 adults in the house. I wake up to clothes hanging from the chandeliers, a pyramid of used plates and glasses and sleeping i

All I Want for Christmas ...

All I want for Christmas is a wife. I love Brad and he is my best friend. I am not saying I need a wife, but I sure would like a wife just like I do not need a pair on Manolo Blahnik, but it sure would be nice to have a pair. I am fortunate Brad grocery shops and makes me dinner every night. I told him on the way home from work last night if I had to cook, we would be eating scrambled eggs. BUT and this is a big but, I spend an enormous amount of time picking and cleaning up after Brad. Mag and I finished baking the Christmas cookies this past weekend. We reduced our cookie list from 20 types to 12 types so it only took two weekends. I freeze the cookies until Christmas Eve while Brad and I

Weekend with Brad

I had my man back all to myself this weekend. Brad is a very romantic guy. I remember when we were first married living in New Jersey, he would bring a picnic lunch to my work so we could eat underneath a tree. The years have come and gone and Brad is still romantic as ever. Friday night we got in his truck and went elk spotting. Yes you read that correctly. You can imagine my excitement as we drove along country roads with binoculars looking for herds of elk. Let me state for the record, this is not my calling. I must say Brad was very patient with me. I guess there were a herd of deer about 50 yards from the truck that I could not spot with binoculars and Brad's precise directions. He fina


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