A journal of my daily struggles and accomplishments whether it is my weight, exercise, motherhood, being a wife and a friend as well as my love of beautiful things, clothes, shoes
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Who Says I am Old

Who says I am old? I will tell you who says I am old ... my body. My body is like a bad boyfriend and I should have seen the signs he wanted to break up with me after my 20's. You turn 30 and you notice a little bit of stiffness after driving a couple of hours or maybe your neck or back is sore waking up or doing something strenuous. Small stuff, but certainly nothing to think your body would cause such retaliation for all those years of dancing on tables, going low to the floor, jumping off and on things and basically being a contortionist for other activities. Then you turn 40 and your body is just being uncooperative, Getting off the ski lift is just that much harder. Bending knees sounds

Weekend Without Brad

Weekends without Brad are few and far between so I try and take full advantage of my mini vacation. The Halloween picture is not Brad, but an unsuspecting blog victim (thanx Wayne). Brad left our homestead foraging for food or what is commonly known as elk hunting. These are the things I enjoyed on my mini vacation: 1. I get to come and go without explaining why and what I am doing. 2. I can eat and drink whatever and whenever I want. I bought a coconut cake because I was craving coconut cake - crazy. 3. I went to Saturday tennis drills and just drove around doing mindless errands and looking at things opposed to rushing home to sit by Brad's side. 4. I get to watch whatever I want on TV dri

I Need a Chaperone at ALL Times

When I go to bed at 6:30pm on a Sunday night, I know it was a long weekend. Friday night we stayed in to watch a movie, eat really stinky cheese and drink wine in preparation for the Shelton Brothers beer fest on Saturday. Once we got to Denver, Brad insisted we walk since the event in RiNo was only a mile away from our hotel ... even though there are plenty of Uber drivers that need the money. Although the Shelton Brothers beer fest is known for the international breweries, they have a fairly large US representation and the first booth we hit was Strange Roots Experimental Ales from Pgh, PA (really Millvale). I insisted we were related or BFF at the very least since I am from Pgh, PA (reall

Can't Take Me Anywhere

I thought it would be fun to watch a movie while eating French food. The French bistro is cute and very European - ☑️. We were greeted with a charcuterie plate -☑️. I am a fancy girl ☑️. The seating for the movie is a bit tight so when I walked in with my coat and purse, I knocked over a man and a table with place settings which Brad and the hostess had to scramble to pick up. The entire time I am saying sorry, sorry, sorry. The hostess suggested I carry my purse and she offered to take my coat. This reminded me of the time we were in France and I walked into a skin care/fragrance boutique with a big backpack. I turned around forgetting about my backpack and knocked over the window display

Wedded Bliss

On Sunday, Brad and I celebrated 29 years of marriage (31 years together) which translate into 10,585 days (11,315 days together). At this point, we have spent more than half our lives with each other. The secret to our wedded bliss is a secret ... to us. I made two meals once we tied the knot. The first meal I made was lemon chicken. It was a recipe to feed 20 people and the only thing I reduced was the chicken. Brad was puckered for a week. My next meal was spaghetti and to this day I am not sure what was wrong with it, but Brad took one bite and turned up his nose ... so I threw the plate of spaghetti at him and told him that was the last meal I am making. It pretty much was the last meal

I Love Chocolate and Chocolate Loves Me

I am not a total sweet tooth kind of gal. Don't get me wrong I like my sweets and dessert and I occasionally indulge in our accounting department bowls of candy; however, my real love is chocolate ... good, dark chocolate. Just writing that is making me salivate. let me count the ways I love chocolate: 1. Chocolate decreases stroke risk - eating only 2 bars of chocolate a week translates into 20% decrease in strokes among women. If 2 bars equal 20%, I am thinking a bar a day plus one extra on Sunday is 8 bars = 80% stroke free. If you are one of the 80% who has a stroke because you only ate 2 bars a week, epicatechin, a compound found in chocolate, significantly reduces the brain damage from

My Siblings

First of all apologies for lack of postings, but work has been, well a lot of work, so I have been preoccupied - believe me it is not from a lack of something to say. In addition, Wix is perhaps the worst web platform for a blog. The WIX customer service makes the DMV employees look stellar. Somehow I am losing weight when my diet has consisted of meatballs, candy corn and cocktails - no joke. I finally got batteries for my scale so the pressure is on. The holidays remind me of my family growing up. My parents are no longer with us, but my brothers are still a phone call away. I can never understand how siblings with the same parents, same living conditions and 50% shared genetics can be so

WHY Just WHY??

Moms can be cruel just take a look at these pictures. In fact, when my kids tell me I am being mean I pull these babies out and show them mean. Seriously what possessed my mom to style a 5 year old's hair in an old lady bouffant? I am one cupcake away from looking like a 50 year old woman. I desperately wanted long hair, but my hair is thick, curly and frizzy. I never saw a hairbrush I liked. Since I would not brush my hair, my mom's solution was to saddle me with this hairdo. I would go back to Pennsylvania to visit and she would tell me my hair was a mess ... really mom, like this hairstyle was better? She would say it was the style at the time and I would agree and say yes mom, "It was

Life's Little Pleasures

I am throwing in this picture because I forgot to document our weekend and luckily I have lots of these little gems laying around the house. This is when I first met Brad and he instantly fell in love with me. This weekend was filled we happy hour at Jake's house, fantastic wedding, tennis, bike rides, but sometimes it is the the simple things in life that gives you the most pleasure. * I was able to wear a pair of shoes to a wedding without having to cut my feet off * I did not dance on a table or flash my boobs at the wedding ... Brad quickly dragged me home before I unleashed the beast * The batteries in my scale died (If I was out of gin, I would have been to the liquor store lickety spl


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