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Date Night

Now that we have the time and the money, we are too exhausted for date nights and travel. Life is so cruel that way. We have been busy all summer and this fall. However the exhaustion did not stop us from going to Denver last night for dinner and a concert. Deciding on a place to eat and drink is always a struggle in Brad's head. So after Brad argues with himself on the final destination, we head for a burger and a beer. Selfie pictures are a necessity for our outings and you would think Brad would just resign himself to comply. The picture with Brad's eyes closed was the first picture ... if only he would play along. So it was determined a shot and a beer were needed to bring out that Don

Meatballs and Brad ... in that order

Friday night cocktails on the deck in preparation for the busy weekend. Saturday we went to a new brewery in Denver and 4 high alcohol beers later we somehow made it to Coperta for dinner. Now I have no idea why I do the things I do and no idea how Brad sits quietly why I do the things I do. As if the 4 beers were not enough, I insisted we get a liter of wine for dinner because I am an idiot. We placed our order and as the chef walked by our table, I grabbed him by his white jacket and wanted to know why there were no meatballs on the menu. Seriously what is wrong with me? He politely told me they serve meatballs on Monday. HELLO what about Saturday? I demanded he serve us meatballs and by g

Heels are a Nasty Habit

Shoes have been a struggle all of my life. I desperately want to wear 4 inch, strappy heels. I also desperately want to be super tall, thin, smart and wealthy. Back to heels - throw in my bunions, flat feet, pronation, knock knees and my advancing age - heels are a nasty habit! For years I squeezed my foot into heels and walked like an ostrich. In my 30's I started to wear wedges, 40's brought kitten heels then at the ripe age of 50, flats became my best friend. When I got my stand up desk, I used that as an excuse to wear slippers while standing. There is a woman my age down the hall who wears her heels all day sitting and standing, but she is one of those show offs. Originally I only wore

Weekend Warrior

The only downside of living in Colorado is waiting for a bad weather day as an excuse to couch surf. With the weather in the 90's, we had a very busy weekend. Friday night we crashed Jake's college house to pre party before the CU Boulder football parade on Pearl Street. I felt as if we fit right in with the 21+ year olds. I wonder if Jake ever wishes he went to college out of state. When we got home that evening, Brad forced me to have a cocktail on our deck and then he fell asleep. He is a romantic man. Saturday was tennis with a slight hangover which is never a good idea. I was moving very slowly Saturday so maybe I am not 20 again and falling asleep on the deck was a good idea? I went

When You Run Into Your Daughter's Boyfriend in a Bar

I am not sure what is worse - being my child or being my child's partner. It is kind of a funny situation when your children start to have a serious relationship. As a parent you are desperately trying to cut the strings (I can never find my scissors) and yet now you have another person entering your child and your life. How do you control both of them? Oh I am not suppose to control them? This could be the problem. Jake tells me Riley is still afraid of me. WHAT? I did tell Riley she was the reason Jake has no money. We love Riley so I am thinking Jake is really afraid for Riley? Jake then went on to define his statement ... Riley is afraid of you mom because you are so involved in my lif

OMG I Turned Into My Mom

Let me count the ways I am Donna Jean Bernardo's mini me: 1. I keep dishes, napkins, clothes for special occasions and yet those special occasions never happen because I am waiting for an even better special occasion. 2. I jet my jaw, chew on my lip and turn my head when I do not like something. 3. I insist on holding long conversations with store employees while my children are frantic that I am somehow not following the check-out line etiquette. 4. I collect Christmas ornaments, so many that I can no longer fit them on one tree and yet I will not part with them. I promise Mag and Jake these ornaments will be for them one day. They are waiting in anticipation. 5. Ironing for the perfect cre

Well I'll Be Darn - Pigs Do Fly

I am not sure if you noticed the earth stood still Sunday morning because I put on my cycling gear and went for a bike ride all on my own. Before you get all like that is so great Becky, I knew you could do it or let me write up an exercise plan for you ... Brad and I are hosting our 7th annual bike'n brew because we are responsible adults and believe biking 20 miles and drinking beers is a safe activity. I have not biked for a long time. I think once or twice this summer which means I need to train to reduce sore legs, neck and lady part bonfires. It is a good thing I have been consistent with my beer consumption training. On my maiden voyage this Sunday, I could not remember how to work my

It's Official, Brad is Trying to Kill Me

Brad desperately wants to live in the mountains and away from people and I desperately want to live in the city with lots of people. They say opposites attract, but what happens when opposites retire??? Brad took me to Basalt, Colorado to check out another mountain town. Suffice to say cocktail hour started very early. Today I saw a post on Facebook where a wife said she could not think of a better way to celebrate her anniversary then to spend the day on some hard and long bike ride. REALLY - that is the best way? I could think of a million ways to celebrate that did not involve a possible heart attack. Brad made plans for us to do a short, little hike at Hanging Lake on our way home. Becau


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